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UpRight Crowdfunding Campaign

managed to raise over $155,000



The UpRight entrepreneur asked me to help him raise $70,000 in crowdfunding (Indiegogo) for

his back device. It was still in its development phase and without any existing name or brand image.




I have created and managed for UpRight an A-Z Crowdfunding campaign that included:


- Name

- Brand strategy

- Content management

- Logo design

- Brand image

- Campaign's web page

- Crowdfunding creative video

- Indiegogo page

- Active on-going campaign management




"Upright - Improve your posture and prevent

back pain."




1. UpRight has become a new internationally known brand. 


2. A large community has been created that follows and supports the brand.

3. Market Test - during the campaign we have changed the brands strategy following consumers feedback.


4. We have found the countries where UpRight is most needed. When the device will be ready to market we will know where to invest our marketing and advertising budget.


5. UpRight has made the headlines in many major tech-sites, creating for UpRight thousands of dollars worth of advertising for free.


6. Hundreds of people have bought an UpRight device 8 months before it was ready to be released to market.


7. We have won Amazon's Maker Challenge.


8. New business collaborations have been made thanks to the campaign exposure.


9. After the campaign the company's market value has grown by a large percentage.


And the most important thing:


We raised $155,313 in only 60 days!


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