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An internationally awarded advertising creative director,
specializing in crowdfunding and marketing for start-ups.

Ran Cory has more than 15‭ ‬years of experience as an Art Director and Creative Director‭. He has worked for many international brands including Coca Cola‭, ‬Mitsubishi‭, ‬Orange and many others‭. He has been awarded many advertising awards: Cannes Lions, Golden Drums, New York Awards and more. ‬


For the past 3‭ ‬years‭, ‬Ran has taken his vast advertising and creative knowledge and focused his energies on crowdfunding campaigns‭. ‬During this time, Ran has raised millions of dollars for his clients‭. ‬His secret is creative thinking‭.‬


Today‭, ‬he leads a team of specialists that together strive to provide entrepreneurs‭ ‬&‭ ‬startups with the resources they need to successfully crowdfund their project‭. ‬Their goal is to turn dreams into a reality‭.‬




Ran Cory Crowdfunding expert at Cory Group
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