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Pre-Campaign Crowdfunding Email Strategy

An email has the ability to reach the masses with just one click. Ever since electronic messaging has existed, large companies, small firms, and individuals have used this method of communication from personal use to reaching the masses. Although there are numerous reasons people use email, there are two specific ways that crowdfunding campaigners can use this method of communication to grow their pre-campaign email lists.

The first, is the concept of a welcome email. As many people say, first impressions are everything. In today’s day and age, it is just as important to spend time building and developing relationships in the digital world as in the physical world. In other words, consumers who want to buy products from companies that give their customers attention, a personal experience, and make them feel comfortable, will want to do the same with an online company. You can create this “in person” experience by sending every new lead a personalized welcome email, as this gives you the opportunity to initiate a new, personal, and specialized relationship with your future backers.

When crafting the perfect welcome email, it is important to keep in mind your goal: what you want to achieve when sending this message. Do you want your future crowdfunding backers to feel excited and important? Do you want to include a special custom offer? It is up to you to choose the content that will captivate your future backers. Once written, automate the process, allowing you to escape the task of manually sending out the welcome email to every new customer. There are many tools that help with the automation process, such as MailChimp, Vertical Response, and Campaign Monitor. By having this welcome email on hand, you will always be prepared when greeting new customers.

The second use of email when growing a pre-campaign email list is having an education-focused email series. Many people often feel intimidated when visiting a website for the first time. Their initial reaction could discourage them from revisiting or merely buying the product and supporting the company. Backers greatly appreciate when companies go out of their way to help and show that they are genuinely interested in having their business. A way to combine all of this together, is offering a free email course or a future early bird discount, which potential backers can find and subscribe to find solutions to their problems. This will allow you to build relationships and loyalty with backers.

Once your campaign goes live, send an email outreach notification to all of your pre-campaign leads. Thanks to this built relationship you will enjoy a higher conversion rate from your leads.

Good luck!


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