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How we helped Fat Iron raise $1.4 million in the midst of a global pandemic

Lumina NRG’s first crowdfunding project, Fat Iron, raised $1.4 million on Indiegogo in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Fat Iron is a body sculpting device that combines 3 proven technologies to reduce fat, cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy skin.

We started preparing this campaign with Lumina long before we realized that Covid could be a problem for the campaign. When COVID-19 spread worldwide, we were unsure if it was a good idea to launch a campaign in such uncertain times. Remember that it was the first wave, and the situation seemed even more uncertain. Many other campaigners decided to cancel their campaign-launch at that time. We wondered if we should follow them in waiting. Lumina CEO decided to follow through with the campaign launch. So we ended up releasing the Fat Iron campaign during the first wave Corona crisis. It was a risky decision, but it surely paid off. Fat Iron was released on Indiegogo on April 27th and fulfilled its goal within the first day. The campaign is now on Indiegogo Indemand and raised over $1.4 million from over 6,000 contributors.

How we did it? We had to rethink the campaign and focus on new strategies. We decided to put more emphasis on the fact that Fat Iron was perfect for home-use, while in regular times, it does not matter as much. Something that was somewhere down the list of important characteristics quickly became a powerful selling point, especially when many beauty clinics were closed during that period.

We even believe that the global lockdown has benefited the campaign rather than hurt it. The current crisis forced most people in the world to change their habits and switch to doing their daily activities from home. With this situation, going to the gym or to the clinic for a slimming treatment was impossible. This is where Fat Iron came into play; the device targets specific areas from the comfort of your own home. It uses similar technologies as used in fancy clinics. The difference is that Fat Iron is affordable and can be used from home without the hassle of going to the clinic. Fat Iron gave an opportunity to switch expensive clinic treatment for affordable at-home treatment.

Evidently, the lockdown also forced a sedentary lifestyle which led to weight gain for many of us. Active people ended up stuck at home, ingesting more calories while greatly reducing their exercising time. Fat Iron then became the perfect solution for these people to manage their bodies.

Furthermore, due to the fact that plenty of campaign launches got canceled due to the pandemic, resulted in a less competitive environment. With fewer campaigns running, it was easier to get Fat Iron in front of the right audience, making for higher conversion.

Even when times get rough, there is always a way to reach your goals. It can require some rethinking but at the end of the day, there is always a way to overcome the challenges and use a seemingly bad situation to your advantage.


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