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Crowdfunding Agency

We are your one-stop-shop crowdfunding agency for a MILLION DOLLAR campaign‭.


Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo run thousands of campaigns each day‭. ‬For that reason‭, ‬building a creative campaign is vital for your brand to get noticed and to stand out from the masses‭. We ‬offer you a customizable kit of strategy‭, ‬pre-campaign lead generation, video production‭, ‬page content & design‭ to help you launch a‭ ‬million-dollar crowdfunding campaign‭. ‬

Funded Over

FIron Precamp-corrected.png

Fat Iron

Iron off stubborn fat & stretch marks

> Amount raised: $1,740,000

V-Tex Video Overlay Image-2.png

V-Tex Shoes

Nanotech 12 features Waterproof Knit Shoe

> Amount raised: $1,324,374

FFP FB ads-Canada1.png

Fat Freezer Platinum

Freeze Away Stubborn Fat

> Amount raised: $1,189,810

SP FB Ads-Couple1.png

Silent Partner

quiets the snoring noise like magic

> Amount raised: $1,650,821

Silk'n Lipo

1st PROVEN Targeted Fat-Reduction

> Amount raised: $849,565

Boaz One FB ads-Ariel.png

Boaz One Modular Guitar

One Guitar. 50 Combinations.

> Amount raised: $438,774

Magic Stick

The most powerful PC stick - 8 GB Ram!

> Amount raised: $573,689

Tightra-Campaign Card Image.png

Silk’n Tightra

1st at-home feminine wellness

> Amount raised: $238,292


The first open sensor for health and fitness

> Amount raised: $334,500

Yecup 365

Your all-season smart mug

> Amount raised: $409,529


The first true AR goggles for snow sports

> Amount raised: $113,000


Your all-in-one personal security guardian

> Amount raised: $183,447

Crowdfunding Services

Online Market Research

& Campaign Strategy

Analyze the competitors, target audience, keywords, demographics, geolocation and applicable information to define your product’s differentiator (USP, ESP, Positioning and more) and how to gain the edge over your competition.

Lead Generation &

Pre-Campaign Preparations

Create multiple unique growth strategies & use A/B testing on all aspects for optimal messaging for the landing page and Facebook ads to gain the most converting traffic and find the best-converting target audience.

Campaign page & content

Our team of content writers & graphic designers transform your product into a set of desirable and highly converting visual spectacles with real viral potential.

Creative Videos & Photography

Create unique creative videos and professional photos to optimize campaign’s conversion. Teaser videos & viral videos for all advertising and marketing channels before and during the campaign.

Digital Advertising

Digital marketing has become more complex and the algorithm requires constant optimizing. Without the proper strategy, you could end up wasting a lot of money. Let us take care of your digital advertising and get the most out of your money. We have the expertise and data to get you the best conversion!


Meet Our Partner

Jessica Wu - Profile photo-TinyPNG.jpeg

Jessica Wu

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    Jessica Wu is Ran Cory’s Chinese representative.

    She is in charge of Chinese Client Relations and Support.

    As Content Marketing Director, Jessica Wu oversees the research, planning, implementation, and evaluation of content-driven materials for each project from China.


    In this role, Jessica works closely with the CEO of Cory’s, providing technical support, and developing and implementing new products for the market. Their goal is to turn dreams into reality.

    I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


    Through time‭, ‬our fully managed crowdfunding campaigns have continually topped the list of most creative and successful projects‭ ‬across multiple platforms‭. ‬Even as the popularity of crowdfunding grows and the bar continues to raise‭, ‬we continue to help projects surpass their funding goals successfully‭.‬


    Join us and turn your dreams into reality!

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